Helping men and women rebuild marriages affected by a wife's childhood sexual abuse.

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Before You Separate

I wrote in a previous blog, “a reconstructed and healthy marriage is not the experience for all couples whose marriage is affected by childhood sexual abuse (CSA). Sometimes reconstruction is no longer viewed as a possibility” (What about the marriages that seem beyond reconstruction?). This blog is for those contemplating separation or divorce. It is an invitation to take inventory…

What is a Healthy Process for Dealing with the Loss You’ve Experienced in Your Relationship?

Survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their spouses are familiar with loss. Survivors of sexual abuse can experience the loss of: Safety and security Trust Sense of innocence Intimacy Physical health Emotional health And more . . . Spouses of sexual abuse survivors can experience loss of intimacy, a sense of normalcy in life, emotional connection, and more. These losses…

Navigating through Family Expectations during the Holidays

“The Holidays!” Hallmark movies and cards present the holidays with warm, nostalgic scripts and scenes. Songs of the holidays resound with jingles of joy. Decorated homes and cookies portray all things nice and beautiful. The center stage for the holiday festivities is the family gathering. But for victims of childhood sexual abuse (CSA), being with the family of origin—where the…

Help, My Wife Is A Survivor of Sexual Abuse

New Perspectives and Patterns for Husbands
The author, writing as if he is chatting with you over coffee, answers each question in turn during the 10 corresponding chapters:

What is a normal marriage?
When do I get my wife back?
Should I stay or should I go?
Why doesn’t God heal my wife?
When will this be over?
Why can’t she just get over it?
What do I do with my anger towards her perpetrator?
Our sexual relationship is in trouble! What should I do?
Why is it so difficult to communicate with my wife?
Why does she seem to change at the flip of a switch?

What Others Are Saying

I love the opportunity that my husband has to attend the sessions. It not only helps him gain more knowledge on how to support me better, but it also gives him a chance to talk to other people and get support for himself—with people that truly understand what we are going through.

Sexual abuse survivor and wife of a Support Group Member

Marriage Reconstruction has truly changed our lives and shaped our marriage. I am so grateful for Bill’s work, passion, and dedication. We love each other more honestly and wholly because of the things we’ve learned about ourselves and each other through Marriage Reconstruction. Bill’s ministry has brought deeper healing, understanding, and communication to my husband and me. We are truly humbled by the powerful gift this ministry has been to us. Bill has been every definition of a shepherd, mentor, and friend to my husband.

Wife and Survivor of childhood sexual abuse

Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist, Author, Teacher, Speaker Clinical Director, New Life Resources, Inc.

Dr. Bill and Pamela Ronzheimer offer a rare blend of clinical accuracy, personal experience, distinctly Christian perspective, and loving pastoral care as they address the complicated and painful topic of marriages impacted by childhood sexual abuse (CSA). Their understandings are derived from their own experiences, a lifetime of pastoring a church, Bill’s doctoral research, and their work with many couples healing from the consequences of CSA. . . . Difficult, complex, and often painful concepts are described and explored in a vulnerable and personable manner. They focus on increasing understanding, personal and relationship growth, and moving forward in truth and love.

Daniel R. Green

Your ministry has been life changing for me and I still need to keep doing the work. Honestly, if it wasn’t for your support when I started this journey I don’t know where I would be. You’ve been a bright light that shined into my life and helped expose the darkness. I’m forever grateful that God has sent you into my life. 

Husband of a sexual abuse survivor