Podcast Interview for “Help, My Wife is a Survivor of Sexual Abuse”

Have you ever heard an author speak and then read their book? You get the benefit of hearing the author’s voice as you read the book. It’s like having the book read to you by the author because you hear their passion and get a peek into their personal life and perspective.  I am offering that opportunity to you in regard to my book, Help, My Wife is a Survivor of Sexual Abuse.

I was recently interviewed by Mitch Schultz, the Director of Fruitful Vine Ministries, who has thoughtfully read my book. In this 45-minute interview, you’ll hear my responses to Mitch’s insightful questions pertaining to the book’s content. You’ll hear my passion and perspectives.

Here’s a link to the interview:

After listening to the interview, I recommend that you go to Amazon and order the book. One couple, whose marriage is not even affected by childhood sexual abuse, wrote to me and said,

[My wife} and I are reading your book together. We are both being blessed by the words God has enabled you to write. It is a blessing to better understand yours and Pamela’s story, and to gain deeper insight into the terrible reality of CSA, and God’s amazing grace and victory and transformation over it. This book has an even broader application for all of us suffering the trials and troubles Jesus promised we would have in this life. It should be read by everyone. We will be recommending it highly. 

I am confident the podcast and book will offer valuable perspectives for you to consider and will equip you to be a person of empathy.

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